Mark Rosenthal

+49 163 – 25 68 363

Im Johdorf 13, Bonn

Opera, Classical Music, Art Song Repertoire

Opera Singer (TENOR)

Known for his extreme versatility, Mark Rosenthal has sung over 100 stage roles, from light lyric tenor to Helden-Charactertenor all the way to Heldentenor, covering everything from murderer to King to lover-boy. Mark is a singer who knows the duress of stage life and stage work without losing the more refined aspects of Konzert and Art-Song repertoire.

Choir Direction, Coaching (groups)


Bringing almost thirty years of conducting experience with choirs and ensembles in the USA (since 1988) with him, Mark Rosenthal is currently the conductor of a number of top-flight choirs in the region and also serves other choirs as a group vocal coach.

Applied Voice Studies, Coachings (solo)

Vocal Pedagogue

With 29 years of experience under his belt, Mark Rosenthal loves to work 1-on-1 with singers who take private study seriously and are determined to learn and ingrain a first-rate vocal technique. However, musicality also plays a large role in private studies with Mark Rosenthal.

Compositions, Choral Arrangements, Brass Arrangements


Recognized as a composer of Jewish music, chamber music, Choir music (SATB mixed choir, TTBB Men‘s Chorus), Brass Music and also symphonic music, Mark Rosenthal allows his creativity to take flight and composes on a contractual basis.


Audio Examples

Beethoven: Adelaide (Mark Rosenthal, Tenor / Thomas Wise, Piano)

Ades: Radio-Song from “Powder her Face” (Mark Rosenthal, Tenor / BonnChance 2007)

Duparc: Chanson Triste (Mark Rosenthal, Tenor / Thomas Wise, Piano)

Berg: Lulu, “London Scene – Akt III (Mark Rosenthal, Tenor / Anat Efrati, Soprano)

Verdi: “Ingemisco”, from REQUIEM (Mark Rosenthal, Tenor / Brandenburger Philharmonie)

Up-to-date Announcements

New Engagement: “La Voce” in Honrath

In April of 2017, Mr. Rosenthal took over the musical leadership of the SATB mixed chorus LA VOCE , which is located in Lohmar/Honrath and is a well established competition choir. Having